Bachelor's Transfer Credit Policy

Norwich University Transfer Credit Policy for Bachelor’s Degree Programs

For Norwich’s online bachelor’s degree programs you can earn academic credits from previous college coursework, military or professional training, professional certifications, and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams. Norwich will conduct a comprehensive review of all of your transcripts and prior learning documentation to help you understand the number of credits you can transfer towards your program.

Norwich’s bachelor’s degree completion transfer policy is as follows:

  • Depending on the program, a minimum range of between 30-60 credits is required for admissions, which can come from prior college coursework, military or professional training, etc.
    • For the Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Computer Science & Information Systems Data Analytics, Interdisciplinary Studies, National Security Studies, and Business Administration programs, a minimum of 30 credits is required.
    • For the Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis program, a minimum of 60 credits is required.
  • We accept up to a total of 90 credits if the additional credits above the minimum requirement are recognized as course-for-course equivalents for your program.
  • The program manager determines the transfer credits after a thorough examination of your transcripts and other documentation.
  • Transfer courses must have a minimum of a C letter grade or better.
  • To be considered for transfer credit, your previously earned credit cannot be more than ten years old.
  • The posting of transfer credit for approved courses will be undertaken upon receipt of an official transcript and other documentation.
  • Use Norwich’s list in the Transfer Evaluation System to see if we have already evaluated your previous courses for equivalent credit at Norwich.  Just select your prior college or university and the courses you took, and if we have already evaluated that course, we will see the equivalent at Norwich.
  • You can create an account in Transferology. After you create an account, you will be able to quickly enter your previous coursework and see what credit you will get towards your degree at Norwich.
  • If you feel you should receive credit for a course that did not transfer, you can make a formal appeal request.
    • For the course(s) in question, you will need to submit the syllabus for the academic and/or training course that includes learning objectives, contact hours, evaluations administered, and instructor credentials.
    • The program manager will review to make sure the course completed reflects and achievement of a C grade or better, in addition to an academic or training content match.
    • To submit your formal appeal request, please contact your Admissions Advisor, Students Support Advisor or email

View Transfer Credit Policy in the Norwich University Course Catalog.