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Civil Engineering

My name is Mohammad Mahvelati. My current occupation is project manager and my Norwich program is civil engineering. I think that the moto of Norwich University, they say it as “I will try”, and I found that in this university if you do try you will succeed. That's what I found with myself and that's what I observed in other people when they're going through the program that the instructors are always going to be fair and they're going to be very succinct, organized; they're going to be clear on what you need to do. And if you do that work and if you do it well you're going to be rewarded.

The residency here has been just wonderful. I mean going to the lectures in civil engineering, and also there's a lot of leadership seminars that I'm still going to in project management. They have so many of them here in terms of leadership, and all even the keynote address for the Dean, he mentioned a lot about leadership. The keynote guests, they're all from what the sense of leadership. As a project manager, I think that's wonderful. I mean now there's a key element of Norwich I feel this growing field. Even the PMI states studying by 2025, the field will grow by almost two million professionals I believe in the U.S. alone.

So, I think there's great opportunity, great number of people here in the residency that I can connect with. I've written down you know a lot of the information that they've gave me that I can use. A lot of contacts that I can follow up on later in my career, connect with them again,you know, and discuss with them; I don't want to lose those connections; I don't want to burn bridges. I want to maintain those connections. It's not just you know “hi, this is my name”, and I'm going to go. I just want to get to know them so that as a professional I have those connections, because these people are from all over the world and from all over the US. The future is going to be a global environment and I want to maintain those connections going forward and also there are great people.


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