Characteristics of a Good Leader


Sometimes it can be easy to describe what it takes to be successful at leading a team, while other times the concept of leadership is so intangible that it is difficult to nail down. A few trends, however, indicate what many great leaders have in common.

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Text: Characteristics of a Good Leader

Talk It Out

If you cannot tell a team exactly what needs to be done, how helpful is your leadership? Communication separates the mundane from the great.

Commit To It

Nobody wants to work on a project that their manager is unenthusiastic about. Give it your all and be positive each time.

Inspiration At Work

Leadership is not about telling someone to work harder, it is about fostering the desire to work harder innately. Keep everyone focused and wanting to complete goals.

See It In Yourself

General trends in leadership include learning from mistakes, planning carefully, and then connecting people and resources. If you think your ability to do these things is lacking, fear not: leading people is about getting better over time, not instantly being perfect.

Ways To Improve

Everyone can get better at what they do. Strive for better communication, setting a quality example, getting employees to cooperate, motivating in new ways each day, and finally knowing when and where to change the strategy.

- Companies spend over a thousand dollars per year per employee on development.
- Half of all corporate leaders predict shortfalls in executive leadership.
- Nearly half of all companies will increase spending on leadership training.

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