From Breaking Ground to Ribbon-Cutting: Construction Management in Action

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Construction management is an exciting and interesting area to master as you work toward your MBA degree online. From breaking ground to ribbon-cutting, a construction project’s life cycle is incredibly complex. Get just a glimpse of the defined and structured construction management process below.

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Text: Construction Management with an MBA

From Breaking Ground to Ribbon-Cutting: Construction Management in Action

Construction management involves several important steps and requires a defined and structured process, which includes multiple phases. These phases include the construction project’s lifecycle, the management process, and an outline of key project constraints. Finally, every construction management process needs a tool for making decisions based on stakeholder values, performance metrics, established procedures, and project goals.

Conception and Viability

During this phase, the construction or the next phase of an existing project is set up. Financing is sourced. Objectives are established and defined. The scope is defined. Responsibilities are defined and deliverables are identified.

Defining and Designing

The defining phase is when the construction management and project management team decides on the best course of action to meet the project objectives. When defining the project, it is important to consider two types of processes: core planning processes and facilitating processes. The scope of the project is further defined and a process is set up to manage it. Costs must also be defined, measured, and analyzed many different ways.

Bidding - Contracting

Project bids consist of proposals to clients for project completion. It also may involve several rounds of negotiation to firm up the bid.

Execution/Construction Works

Execution involves coordinating resources, both human and other, to carry out everything that’s been designed in the designing phase and planned during the planning phase of the project. The execution is divided into core and facilitating subgroups for completion.

Delivering and Cleanup

Initial delivery: The project is delivered to the client for an initial review.

Final delivery: Once the client is satisfied, final delivery is made and the project can be closed out.

Contract closeout: This is where any remaining open items are resolved and the contract is settled, including final payments.

Administrative closeout: This is where information is gathered to formalize the completion of the construction project, including compiling feedback for use in future projects.

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