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We had an inspection recently from DISA which is Defense Information Systems Agency. I was told last minute that I would be the person who was going to take the DISA inspector through all the policies and procedures that we had written to make sure we were compliant and properly enforcing such things.

What was lucky for me was that I had just got done with seminar three which focuses a lot on policies and procedures. The inspector came in, spent about a good half hour with me, asking me a lot of questions. And trust me, I was nervous. I had never considered myself a policy guy. He was very cordial, and at the end he said 'thank you,' and left.

And, that was the last I heard from him until a few months later and we had another inspection coming up. The team leader told me 'Duck, you are going to be in charge of the policies and procedures again.' I protested and said 'Why, I am not a policy guy?' He said, 'Duck, you are the only guy who got 100% on the last inspection.'

So, to say that this has worked out for me professionally, I would agree with that statement. At work, I have gotten something of a promotion and certainly more a lot more responsibility.

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