Infographics - Public Administration

The Role of Public Administration in Crisis Management

Public crises have become increasingly common around the world. Of course, managing such emergencies is not always easy. For this reason, public administrators have established ways of managing public expectations while helping those affected at the same time. Thanks to technology and increased access to the Internet, communicating with the public has never been easier.

Intergovernmental Relationships: How the Three Levels of Government Work Together

The United States’ governmental system consists of three levels: local, state and federal. The three levels work together to help implement federal programs and mandates, such as those related to education and the environment.

Public and Private Sector Problem Solving with Big Data Analytics

Digital technologies have enabled us to gather data on virtually everything that happens in the world with relative ease. Their size has gotten so big that public and private institutions are scrambling to find ways to make sense of them.

Characteristics of Successful Public Policy

Many people gripe about the laws and politics of the United States, but what separates good from bad public policies?

Why Succession Planning Matters

The key to success for any nonprofit organization lies in executive leadership. As many nonprofit leaders approach retirement age, organizations risk business disruption and leadership deficits due to lack of effective succession planning.

The Importance of Creating Sustainable Communities

Sustainability is a popular topic in many industries, such as forestry, farming and production. It is also becoming more and more popular in public works. Today, sustainability is a key factor of consideration when constructing sewerage systems, roads, public buildings and parks among other types of infrastructure projects.