Infographics - Nursing

The Dynamic Growth of the Nursing Profession

With around 3.15 million registered nurses (RNs) and close to 225,000 licensed nurses in the USA, nurses constitute the largest group of healthcare providers in the country. As of April 2016, there are more than four million active nurses in the country, which is primarily due to three factors: an aging population, an aging workforce of nurses, and rising demand for nursing specialties.

From Inpatient to Outpatient: The Evolution of Healthcare Delivery

The healthcare industry has been making efforts to improve the efficiency and affordability of services. Lots of changes have occurred in the past few years as a result of this drive. There has been a decrease in hospital admissions as more people are served through outpatient care. Nurses are also being given new opportunities to work with patients and their communities.

Healthcare Data Breaches: The Costs and Solutions

In the U.S., the healthcare industry remains vulnerable to data breaches affecting millions of American patients as of 2015. Hackers have stolen sensitive data such as identity, credit card and healthcare information from electronic databases, leaving concerned individuals vulnerable to identity theft and fraud.

The Affordable Care Act and Nursing

There has been a lot of debate about The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Regardless of your opinion of the ACA, there is a lot that you may want to know before passing judgment.

The Future of Nursing

The nursing profession is facing multiple challenges in the years ahead. From the Affordable Care Act and its focus on the introduction of electronic medical records, to the aging US population, many people question what healthcare will look like in the future.

Leadership and Hierarchy in Hospitals

Strong management is an absolute must in order to have a hospital running efficiently. Hospitals that are managed well will be able to treat their patients better, and improve just about all facets of their operation.

Cutting Edge Technology and Modern Hospital Rooms

Staying in a hospital for surgery or to treat an ailment is never what could be described as fun. This is the case even if you are staying at the best hospital money can buy. However, there is much a hospital can do to make a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible