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What to Expect from the MSN Curriculum at Norwich University

The Master of Science in Nursing curriculum at Norwich University provides the foundational leadership and management skills nursing professionals need to pursue senior nurse leadership positions.

What is an MSN Degree at Norwich University?

If you are wondering, “What is an MSN degree?” you should look at the MSN curriculum at Norwich University and learn how to enhance your career prospects.

6 Common Nurse Leadership Jobs for Master of Science in Nursing Graduates

While there are several different types of nursing degrees available, successful completion of a Master of Science in Nursing program can better equip registered nurses to take on advanced leadership roles in hospitals, on college campuses and within other medical facilities.

5 Leadership Styles for Clinical Nurse Leaders

Clinical nurse leaders are often responsible for keeping their respective departments organized in their efforts to achieve successful care outcomes. Therefore, they must be equipped with leadership competencies that, when combined with practical nursing skills, allow them to quickly make tough decisions.

Six Emerging Healthcare Technologies for Leaders in Nursing

Recent technological breakthroughs, ranging from electronic health records to real-time location systems, have helped positively transform patient care throughout the world. These advanced innovations in the healthcare industry have saved countless lives and revolutionized the quality of treatment as it pertains to pharmaceuticals, information retention and processing, biomedicine and more.

Six Nurse Leadership Opportunities for Master of Science in Nursing Graduates

Those with a Master of Science in Nursing degree possess the advanced education and leadership skills required to access opportunities that can increase career responsibilities, boost salaries and provide challenging leadership opportunities. With such a pressing demand for nurses—the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16 percent growth between 2014 and 2024—nursing professionals currently working in the field will need to develop the leadership skills required to manage a large influx of inexperienced registered nurses.

How Nurses Can Advance Medical Research

Nurse leadership and educational roles can be as important to advancing research as they are to the daily operations of clinics. In hospitals and universities, nurse leaders and educators have a long history of both supporting and directing research.

A Career Overview of the Nursing Informatics Specialist

Nursing informatics specialists incorporate nursing science, information technology and analytical sciences in order to effectively process, manage and communicate important information among nurses, patients and healthcare personnel.

5 Nursing Theories for Nurse Educators

In modern health care, nursing theories assist nurses by offering a number of different strategies and approaches to providing patients with optimal care. As today’s nurse educators train the next generation of nurses, they are responsible for equipping future nurses with the key components of the foremost theories, so that these nurses can utilize the methods that best fit their patient care needs.

Leading Nurse Teams Through Change

Change management is one of the greatest leadership challenges administrators face today. In the healthcare industry, where change can be constant, nurse leaders have a responsibility to help their teams and organizations navigate these changes effectively.

How Nurse Leaders Combat Burnout

Nurse leaders play an important role in recognizing, intervening, and preventing burnout. As research and understanding of the issue improves, nurse leaders are finding more effective ways to stop negative habits from escalating and to prevent burnout from taking hold in the first place.

The Growing Demand for Experienced Nurse Educators

America is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals, with nearly a third of the nurses currently working in the country are expected to retire in the coming years. At the same time, hospitals and clinics struggle to keep up with patient demand, and schools are looking for ways to reach more students and prepare more nurses.

The Medical Internet of Things (IoMT)

Staying up-to-date with the latest healthcare technologies, and the trends in patient behavior they can drive is both a leadership and a learning challenge for nurse administrators.

How Nurse Leadership Can Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

On their private servers and hard drives, shared across an internal network of computers, tablets, and smart devices, hospitals depend on patient data to help inform treatment, coordinate care, bill insurance, and prevent emergencies. For all the efficiency and improvements this data provides, it also carries risks, such as making hospitals a rich target for cyber attacks.

The Role of Nurse Leaders in Health Assessments

Health assessments are utilized by nurses to evaluate patients’ medical status. During this process, nurses must make certain that patients understand how important health assessments are for their current and future wellbeing.

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

One of the main goals of the medical community is to effectively treat health problems while providing the best care possible. To align with this goal, the healthcare industry has adopted a number of methods and protocols, one of which is evidence-based practice.

6 Business Skills for Nurse Leaders

Nurse leaders use several business skills to lead healthcare organizations in producing positive patient outcomes. Often, nurse leaders oversee departmental finances and human resource management, as well as participate in enterprise strategic planning.

Disease Prevention Strategies and Techniques within the Nursing Field

When compared with other countries, the health system within the U.S. continues to fall behind in health outcomes. This is surprising, considering the enormity of private and public resources devoted to its health care system.

6 Things to Know About Earning Your Master of Science in Nursing Degree Online

With busy schedules, nurses can struggle to find the time to pursue advanced degrees. However, through an online graduate nursing program from an accredited university, an advanced degree can be achieved.