Infographics - Leadership

Leading with Generational Differences in Mind

There are four generations currently working simultaneously within workplaces throughout the United States: traditionalists, baby boomers, Generation X and millennials. Each generation has its own habits, customs, values and work ethics. The existence of more than one generation in the workforce brings unique challenges and opportunities for leaders.

Big Data's Growing Role in Organizational Leadership & Development

Big data is a key resource that businesses of different sizes use to extract insights on consumer behavior, market trends, revenue growth, as well as brand perception and reach. However, senior executives remain the biggest obstacle to big data use across organizations of all sizes.

Good Ethics are Good Business

Thirty to fifty percent of US employees report witnessing unethical conduct and in the past 15 years, companies have paid record fines for fraud and other unethical practices. Considering ethical organizations perform better financially, why are so many companies failing to establish a healthy culture?

Leading Today's Diverse Workforce Requires New Management Skills

The modern workplace generally presents unique leadership challenges due to racial, age and educational background differences. As a result, senior executives have to find ways of effectively leading their employees. Fortunately, with the right leadership skills, senior executives would be able to address diversity challenges and improve performance at the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership

Leaders aiming to develop their leadership skills should consider improving their emotional quotient. Time and again, research has shown that high EQ can work wonders in the workplace in virtually any field. CEOs and politicians have harnessed EQ to achieve incredible results in their respective careers.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Sometimes it can be easy to describe what it takes to be successful at leading a team, while other times the concept of leadership is so intangible that it is difficult to nail down. A few trends, however, indicate what many great leaders have in common.