Infographics - Information Security & Assurance

Infrastructure: The Greatest Cyberattack Vulnerability

The number of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructures increased from 245 episodes in 2014 to 295 episodes in 2015, or 20 percent year over year, according to a 2015 report by the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT).

How Nations Use Digital Espionage Against Each Other

Over the last couple of years, countries competing for either economic or military power have either instigated or fallen victim to economic espionage. As wars become unappealing, these governments have turned to digital espionage, making cyberspace the new field of battle for nations around the world.

Deep Web Crime Requires New Forensic Approaches

Crime has a new face, and what’s most worrying to investigators across the globe is that it is anonymous. How do police organizations catch criminals who are nameless, faceless and virtually invisible?

Why the U.S. Needs More Cyber Security Professionals

Did you know some of the world’s largest cyber attacks took place in 2014? What’s even more shocking is that a very low percentage of computer users surveyed admit that they take steps to protect themselves from these crippling attacks.

The Importance of Implementing Security Protocol, Practices and Awareness

As technology continues to advance, many people are beginning to worry about potential security risks as they relate to cyber crime and online activity.