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Why Managers Should Encourage Employees to Use Vacation Time

Knowing how to motivate workers in a way that increases their engagement, performance and productivity is a critical aspect of managing a workforce. Many people working in the United States decide not to take the vacation time they are offered for a variety of reasons. Studies show that taking time off work and disconnecting from the workplace causes an increase in productivity and a greater work-life balance.

A New Era of Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, socially responsible companies tend to attract more consumers as well as the best talent, according to a 2015 global corporate social responsibility (CSR) study by Cone Communications, a public relations and marketing company headquartered in Boston, MA.

Pros and Cons of Peer-to-Peer Lending for a Small Business

The peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business model enables small businesses (SMBs) to raise capital without necessarily approaching traditional lenders such as banks. More specifically, this business model gives entrepreneurs an online platform they can use to communicate and solicit funds directly from potential investors.

How Creating a Closed-Loop Supply Chain Can Make Businesses Greener

Although the earth has large reserves of natural resources such as oil and fresh water, such resources are finite and will be exhausted at some point in the future. Fortunately, many governments around the world have developed and implemented strategies to reduce the waste of natural resources.

How an MBA Can Equip Veterans During Their Transition

Getting an MBA degree online is an important move for anybody looking to advance their careers – especially veterans. This degree is particularly well-suited to those who have been in the military as they transition into the civilian workforce and look to utilize their hard-earned maturity and leadership skills.

Supply Chain Management

Getting your MBA is the first step toward a multitude of new career opportunities, perhaps some that you hadn’t even considered before. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is one such opportunity. Described simply, SCM involves improving efficiencies and coordinating production, inventory, location and transportation among the participants in a supply chain, but there is a lot more to this rapidly growing sector.

From Breaking Ground to Ribbon Cutting: Construction Management in Action

Construction management is an exciting and interesting area to master as you work toward your MBA degree online. From breaking ground to ribbon-cutting, a construction project’s life cycle is incredibly complex.

How to Choose Your MBA Concentration

So, you've decided that an MBA is right for you, but not sure what concentration will fit best? You're not alone! Read through these tips for some help with your decision.

A Growing Demand

More companies are seeking employees with higher levels of education and a wider variety of skills. It's no surprise, then, that organizations worldwide are hiring more MBA graduates - and paying them more, too.