Centers & Institutes

Facilitating Intellectual Exchange and Creating Opportunity 

Norwich advances research on national and global challenges and facilitates open intellectual exchange and knowledge sharing through its affiliated centers, institutes, and events.

Some recent activities include working with NATO and partner countries on clean water initiatives and major financial institutions on cyber security vulnerability testing.

These activities enhance the academic experience of our students and offer enrichment opportunities both on campus and online.

Norwich University Applied Research Institutes

Established in 2002, Norwich University Applied Research Institutes (NUARI)  studies and develops solutions to critical national and global issues. NUARI partners with a broad range of stakeholder organizations, including the federal government, the U.S. military, NGOs, and business associations. NUARI is made up of five institutes:

  • Cyber Conflict Research Institute - Conducts research on cyber threats and develops technologies and models to better understand cyber conflict
  • Defense Technologies Research Institute - Promotes research and development of man-portable systems and technologies for U.S. forces
  • Institute for Advanced Sciences Convergence - Leverages multidisciplinary research to develop next-generation technologies
  • Learning Technologies Research Institute - Develops advanced distance learning materials, curricula, and services
  • International Clean Water Institute - Develops remediation strategies for contaminated water and solutions for improved water quality, safety, and distribution
  • Institute for the Study of Culture and Language - Promotes research in language and culture and development of learning programs for improving culture and language knowledge and skills in support of international security.

Sullivan Museum & History Center

Part exhibition facility and part hub for learning and research, the Sullivan Museum & History Center brings Norwich’s military history to life through curated exhibits of military artifacts and related lectures and programming open to the public. The Sullivan Museum and History Center is an Affiliate with the Smithsonian Institution.

Military Writers' Symposium

The mission of the Military Writers' Symposium is to expose students, faculty, and the general public to the works and views of authors, historians, journalists, and national figures to educate, enlighten, and inspire. This annual Norwich event brings together top authors whose work focuses on military history, intelligence operations, or international affairs for two days of open forums, lectures, and other related public events. The Military Writers' Symposium is run through Norwich's Peace and War Center, an academic center of excellence for students, scholars, and practitioners seeking to advance interdisciplinary knowledge on the relationship between peace and warfare at local, national, and global levels.

Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research (CyFER)

Formally the Norwich University Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics, the Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research was established for the development of emerging, advanced and next generation computing technologies. CyFER serves students and faculty and is used for deploying specialist learning environments, for fostering a culture of research among students, for outreach activities, and for providing physical infrastructure for the very best students to manage and maintain.

Center for Global Resilience and Security

The Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS) brings Norwich University’s unique strengths in leadership, security, experiential education, and perseverance to resilient community building. Our work centers on human resilience.