Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis

Capitalizing on an Elite Education

It is not surprising that Norwich University’s first online degree completion program, the Bachelor of Science in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis, is offered exclusively to active duty, retired, and reserve military personnel who are assigned to USSOCOM. The reputation of Norwich University is built not only on the quality of instruction, but also on the legacy of nearly 200 years of graduates. Our graduates are noted for their leadership and service to the nation, and we take our mission to educate in order to help them advance in the battlefield, boardroom, and beyond very seriously.

An academic credential, such as a bachelor’s degree, has become critically important for career advancement in both the military and the civilian world. As one recent alumnus, James Karr, put it, recruiters and employers in the private sector are reluctant to consider job candidates without this "piece of paper," in spite of their training and many accomplishments within the military. This is exactly where the program fits in. The online Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis degree completion program was inspired to capitalize on the unique experiences and training of SOF (Special Operations Forces) at the Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS) at Fort Bragg, NC, and to complement them, helping our students complete their formal education and prepare them for the future - whether it’s advancement within their command or transitioning to a new career in the private sector or public service. 

Career Outcomes

Our first class of 7 bachelor’s degree completion students graduated in June of 2012. In talking with recent graduates who attended the commencement ceremony in Vermont, it was clear they felt the Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis degree from Norwich University was relevant to their work in the military and would help facilitate career advancement and transition opportunities. 

Paul Caron, SSDA alumnus, describes it in this way:

“In today’s military, pursuing a degree while serving can be a daunting task, but by achieving this, I felt it would greatly separate me from my peers. In order to become a multidimensional leader in today’s Army, I knew that pursuing my degree was a must. Obtaining this degree from Norwich University would ensure that I was set up for success after the Army.”

A number of attractive career paths may be considered by members of Special Operations armed with a degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis.  

Examples of Career Paths

  • Intelligence Integrator/Analyst
  • Investigative Research Analyst
  • Military Consultant
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Private Security Management/Logistics
  • Program Manager
  • Program Analyst
  • Protective Agent
  • Strategic Planner
  • Technical Security Lead/Analyst
  • Training & Development

Types of Employers

  • Defense contractors
  • Education/training firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Federal government
  • Management consulting firms
  • Private security firms
  • NGOs/International Aid Organizations
  • State or municipal law enforcement
  • Technology companies

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