Master of Arts in Diplomacy

Program Director

Lasha Tchantouridzé, PhD

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In this still young century, the United States of America, alongside the rest of the world, has faced an increasingly multifaceted international environment. Respectively, the practice and theory of diplomacy and international relations have evolved to accommodate many different areas of interstate transactions – from age-old diplomatic exchanges to conflict management and state-building efforts in various parts of the world, from traditional trade relations to the chaotic array of new financial instruments, from traditional military responses to innovative counterinsurgency measures.

The Master of Arts in Diplomacy program at Norwich University echoes this fast-changing environment. The diplomacy program attracts students who are preparing for positions of leadership in a variety of professions and fields, including: the military, foreign service, the intelligence community, law enforcement, education, and international business, along with service in intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. Understanding intricacies of current international affairs is one precursor of success in the international arena.

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Dr. Lasha Tchantouridzé earned his PhD in international relations from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (2001).  He also holds a master’s degree in politics (Queen's University), undergraduate degrees in philosophy and film studies (both from Tbilisi State University in Georgia), and a certificate in theology (St Arseny Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).  

Dr. Tchantouridzé’s academic publications are in the areas of geopolitics, Russian foreign policy, globalization, international politics in the Caucasus, NATO-Russia relations, politics of oil and gas in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and conflicts in the Caucasus.  

From 1984 to 1986, Dr. Tchantouridzé served in the Red Army Regiment #90. His military education includes two years of preparatory training, and a term at the Soviet Navy Military Political Institute, Kiev (summer term, 1984).

Associate Program Director

Fianna Verret, MA

Fianna Verret has worked at Norwich University for several years. In addition to serving as the associate program director for the Master of Arts in Diplomacy program and being an alumna of the diplomacy program herself, she has taught undergraduate international relations courses online and a world economy class on the Norwich University campus. She previously taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, working with a diverse population of students from the global community. She has a BA in English Literature with a Russian Language and Literature Minor from Saint Michael's College, and an MA in diplomacy with a concentration in conflict management and resolution from Norwich University.

Associate Program Director of Academics

Charles Lerche, PhD

Charles Lerche is the associate program director (academics) for the Master of Arts in Diplomacy program. He holds a BA in history, an MA in international studies and a PhD in political science. He has taught at several universities around the world, including three in Nigeria; the Free University of Brussels; the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands); and Boston University in the Overseas Program. Besides Norwich University, he currently teaches adjunct courses for the Troy University (Alabama) eCampus. His research interests include Third World politics and international relations with an emphasis on Africa, and peace and conflict studies. He co-authored Concepts of International Politics in Global Perspective and edited two volumes of essays on world order studies. He has published articles in a variety of scholarly journals including inter alia, The Journal of African and Asian Studies, The Journal of African Studies, The International Journal of Peace Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies and International Politics. He is also a contributor to the The International Encyclopedia of Peace.

Student Services Advisor

Dan Alcorn, MPA, MBA

Dan Alcorn is a proud Norwich alumnus and native Vermonter. He completed the masters of public administration program in 2011 and the masters of business administration program in 2015. In addition, he completed the certificate in teaching in learning and the certificate in continuity of governmental operations in 2012. Before coming to Norwich he earned a BA from Kent State University and working banking and sales. Dan now teaches undergraduate courses at Norwich University, the Community College of Vermont, and the College of St. Joseph. He sits on the Rutland City School Board, and is the Chairman of the Community High School of Vermont. Dan is an assistant varsity football coach for Rutland High School, and a head basketball coach for West Rutland School. He is married; his wife is enrolled in Norwich’s Bachelor of Science in Management Studies program, and has two young daughters.

Featured Faculty for Master of Arts in Diplomacy

Najiba Benabess, PhD
Najiba Benabess is the Director of the School of Business and Management and the Associate Academic Program Director of the online MBA program at Norwich. She came to Norwich University in 2007 as an assistant professor teaching variety of courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics and quantitative methods. In 2012, she was granted a tenure and promotion to associate professor and director. She is also an online instructor for several universities and colleges in the Milwaukee area. She previously served as a full-time professor at the University of Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her background and research in economics focus on industrial organization. She has been presenting and publishing her research nationally and internationally. In March 2013, her paper, “Does Fiscal Stimulus Stimulate?”  was selected as the best paper of the conference at the Multidisciplinary conference by Klute Institute. In February 2009, she received the “best paper award” by the International Journal of Arts and Sciences conference for her paper, “Privatization versus Subsidization in Mixed Oligopoly”. She holds a doctoral degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and speaks several languages.
Angela Kachuyevski, PhD
Angela Kachuyevski specializes in international negotiation and conflict resolution and international security studies. She has lived and worked in Russia on grassroots democratization and peace-building initiatives and has contributed to numerous conflict prevention and ethnic conflict management research projects. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles and is a frequent speaker on conflicts in divided societies, minority rights, and conflict prevention. She received a bachelor’s degree in international studies and in Russian language and literature from the Ohio State University, and both a master’s degree in law and diplomacy and a doctorate degree in international relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.
Hayat Alvi, PhD


Clifford Bates, PhD
Narain Batra, PhD
John Becker, PhD
Bond Benton, PhD
Stefan Brooks, PhD
Rowland Brucken, PhD
Eric Bush, PhD
Anthony Cain, PhD
Stanley Carpenter, PhD
Emily Copeland, PhD
Paula Doherty, PhD
Robert Farkasch, PhD
Don Harrington, PhD
Michael Jackson, PhD
David Jones, PhD
William Jong-Ebot, PhD
Seung-Ho Joo, PhD
Harold Kearsley, PhD
Brian Kupfer, PhD
Jonathan Levy, PhD
James Miskel, PhD
Darryl Mitry, PhD
Amit Mukherjee, PhD
Eric Nelson, PhD
Scott Nelson, PhD
Robert Pauly, PhD
Daniela Peterka-Benton, PhD
Russel Ramsey, PhD
Tim Riesen, PhD
Eileen Scully, PhD
Steven Shirley, PhD
Joel Sokolsky, PhD
Eugene Tadie, PhD
Andrea Talentino, PhD
Stephen Twing, PhD
Shelton L. Williams, PhD